Jultech works on more than what is listed on our webpage. We specialize in Allison Transmission Electronic Controls, but have experience with CAT, Link-Belt & ZF products to name a few.

Please consider Jultech for all of your electronic needs by using the contact page or by phone. 

Jultech’s testing includes a thorough cleaning of each item. Every item sent in is inspected internally and externally for any problems.

Our testing procedures use repeated simulations combined with years of experience to find physical and electronic faults.  Harsh environments are emulated to test components against situational failure. 

Jultech’s experience with Allison electronics enables us to convert between similar items. 

  • ATEC 8283 -> ATEC 8282 -> ATEC 2029
  • WTEC 2 0700 -> 0800
  • ATEC Lever configurations
  • WTEC 3 Lever configurations 

Core Exchange

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Problems identified from testing are investigated to the root cause, then the problem components are replaced. Repairs are not considered complete until the item is fully tested again.

Testing is included in the repair costs.


Core exchange replaces a repairable non-working item for a similar functioning item. The benefit to the core exchange is that it removes the wait time for repair. If the return core item is not repairable, the full purchase price of the item can be applied to the invoice.

To access our services, please contact us using the contact page or by phone. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Jultech has a stock of remanufactured items that are available for purchase. Our stock can be purchased for much less than a new item from the manufacturer. Each item is retested before it leaves our shop to ensure it is in working order.


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